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Hello everyone. I just wanted to remind you that I am not touring or offering bookings at the moment. I have taken time off to support my husband on his healing journey. I will be away for the foreseeable future but hope to return later in the year. I will keep you all updated on here.
Thank you for your understanding.

“Central Scotland’s sought after medium with an exceptionally accurate link to Spirit”

Internationally recognised spiritual medium, speaker and mentor Andrew Lindsay has his very own unique, natural and loving way when communicating to our spirit friends and family.  For over 20 years Andrew has healed hearts with his natural abilities with spirit in hundreds of theatres, spiritual centres, radio stations and blog casts throughout the U.K, Europe, Africa, USA and Canada.

“He’s one of a kind!; his communication with spirit is sought after worldwide. He’s evidential and uplifting!”

Andrew travels the world publicly demonstrating mediumship and mentors at self-development and spiritual growth seminars.

He’s sought after worldwide. He’s evidential and uplifting!

Reunions with sprit loved ones. Helping to heal hearts. 

Whispers from Spirit 2023

Tickets now available

Tour dates

“Amazing evidential nights, not to be missed!”


Life after life. Andrew is highly renowned for his evidential mediumistic abilities and spiritual seminars. Experience the passion Andrew has by joining in at one of his events. 

S.C.C – Canada’s Spiritualist Body

That was Heaven on Earth! See all you soon.

#A few Blog – Vibe Highlights 22/23

Grangemouth – Life after Life Tour 2022

We laughed and cried together as our spirit family and friends shared an evening with us. What an amazing night with both worlds. Grief is a thief but last night was nothing but Heaven on Earth!

RADIO TAlK & Sharing the universal vibes!

Now that’s a wrap! On the Radio talking Spirit, the Universe & Life on Radio Lanarkshire on The John Forsyth afternoon show 💛

Mentoring beautiful souls in lovely America

Sharing knowledge and raising vibrations!

The Beancross Hotel 2022 – Ecosse!

The power of spirit & communication ❤️ Love Laughter and Happy tears x

WINCHBURGH  – Spirit Return Tour

“An intimate but amazing uplifting & evidential evening with Spirit messages” 

Bournemouth, England. 

Amazing vibes delivering three wonderful mediumship demonstration & mentoring some wonderful students.


Canada. Spirit Connection Workshop

“Boom – lovely Canadian students. Mentoring beautiful souls! 


Tuxedo & Spirit Vibes 

Tuxedo – Sprit & reuniting souls. Heaven on Earth x


1 year U.K Mediumship Mentorship students.



Andrew continues to work throughout the UK and internationally delivering demonstrations of mediumship and providing a range of spiritual workshops and seminars.

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